Dear Friends and colleagues,

We are particularly delighted to welcome you to Prague for the third “Together VT” meeting on June 16–17, 2023.

This meeting was due a year ago; however, we had to postpone it due to uncertainties about the development of COVID pandemics. Moreover, as you know, the situation in different countries is changing continuously. Therefore, to provide maximum flexibility, we plan to organize “Together VT 2023” in a hybrid format.

The field of ventricular arrhythmias is a fascinating part of EP. Compared to the current revolution with the use of pulse field ablation in the treatment of atrial fibrillation, we are still eagerly awaiting the first clinical studies on the ventricular level. Nevertheless, many other developments continuously improve our results in managing ventricular tachycardias, especially in structural heart disease.

Together VT aims to give an overview of the field of catheter ablation, providing access to the best scientific knowledge. Join the best scientific faculty to discuss diagnostic issues, including imaging, histology, and risk assessment, which require a joint effort as critical improvements are needed to save more patients and improve cost efficiency.

The meeting will also cover the dynamic field of ablation, the newest strategies, technologies, and energies. We also plan to perform some live cases to increase the interest of the audience.

Since interaction with industry is critical to the field, the program will favor discussions on current and future availabilities.

Finally, there will be the opportunity for all of you, and young EP doctors, in particular, to present some interesting cases selected for their didactic relevance.

We look forward to meeting you in Prague in 2023.

Prof Josef Kautzner, MD, PhD, FESC
On behalf of the Scientific Committee