Conference Overview


Together VT is a scientific and educational event combining in person and virtual access, aiming at covering the diagnosis, prognosis, mechanistic and therapeutic aspects of ventricular arrhythmias.

This meeting will review and cover in-depth the newest and most promising strategies currently being developed for the management of ventricular arrhythmias in various conditions, including non-pharmacological therapies such as implantable device therapy and advances in catheter ablation techniques.

The third annual „Together VT“ meeting will be held in Prague, on June 16–17, 2023.

This meeting was due a year ago. However, we had to postpone it due to uncertianties about the development of COVID pandemics. Moreover, as you know, the situation in different countries is changing continuously. Therefore, to provide maximum flexibility, we plan to organize „Together VT 2023“ in a hybrid format.


Previous Edition

Together VT Symposium 2021 was held in Bordeaux, FR in November
visit the offical website: TogetherVT2021

Together VT Symposium 2019 was held in Milano, IT in June
visit the local website: TogetherVT2019