Program – Together VT Prague 2023


DAY 1 (Friday, June 16, 2023)


Chairs: T Deneke, J Kautzner
ECG remains the main tool to determine where to go

How to differentiate between right and left outflow tract in idiopathic VT? (T Deneke)

How to localize substrate and VT exit from reentry circuit in ischemic and non-ischemic heart disease? (F Marchlinski)

When to go epicardial? (P Della Bella)

Can body surface mapping help to improve the decision? (P van Dam)



Chairs: P Della Bella, P Jais
Imaging is an important element in VT ablation

How much should we evaluate patients with clinically idiopathic PVC/VT? (D Muser)

The role of intracardiac echocardiography in structural heart disease VT? (J Kautzner)

The role of CT in structural heart disease VT? (P Jais)

The role of magnetic resonance in structural heart disease VT? (K Zeppenfeld)



11:00–11:30 Coffee break


Chairs: K Zeppenfeld, F Marchlinski
Live cases of catheter ablation

1. Catheter ablation of structural heart disease VT using endo/epicardial approach with a support of electroanatomical mapping system CARTO

Petr Peichl

2. Catheter ablation of post infarction VT using Diamond Temp catheter and Ensite X system

Josef Kautzner

Live-in-the-box case

1. VT ablation using ultra-HD Rhythmia mapping system and Lumipoint module – tips and tricks.

Philippe Maury


13:00–14:00 Lunch


Chairs: F Sacher, P Peichl
Risk stratification in specific conditions

Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (E Gandjbakhch)

Mitral valve prolapse (A Sabbag)

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (M Brignole)

Channelopathies (A Krebsova)



Chairs: A Frontera, T Deneke
Future directions – AI and VT management

Modelling of VT circuits (A Frontera)

What differentiates arrhythmogenic from non-arrhythmogenic myocardial scar? (N Trayanova)

A digital twin of the heart (T Deneke)

Is it all in the ECG? – AI and prediction of sudden cardiac death risk (R Hatala)



16:30–17:00 Coffee break


Chairs: F Sacher, J Kautzner

Do we need percutaneous mechanical support for VT ablation?

Pro P Della Bella / con F Sacher plus rebuttal

Is high-density mapping necessary for successful VT ablation?

Pro A Frontera / con F Marchlinski plus rebuttal


Chairs: J Kautzner, K Zeppenfeld, P Della Bella
Case reports – young EP arena

Clinical case of the refugee´s ven­tricular tachycardia treatment (Mykhaylo Podluzhny)

ICE-guided ablation of VPC originating from LV posterior-superior process (Moshe Rav Acha)

VT/PVC ablation (Francesco de Sensi)

Is endocardiac biopsy “missed puzzle” in process of treating patients with nonischemic cardiac myopathyVT? (Marta Skowrońska)

Unusual VT in patient with previous myocarditis (Davide Rizzello)


19:00 Get together reception    


DAY 2 (Saturday, June 17, 2023)


Chairs: E Anter, C Meyer
Mapping strategies for catheter ablation

High-density mapping is essential to identify arrhythmogenic substrate (C Meyer)

Functional mapping is critically important for the description of the substrate (A Porta-Sanchez)

Voltage mapping is the most important component of substrate identification (E Anter)

Pacemapping is a key strategy to identify a critical part of the substrate (F Bogun)



Chairs: E Anter, J Kautzner
VT management beyond catheter ablation

Management of recurrent VTs – how effective/risky are drugs? (Robert Hatala)

Optimizing device programming in VT patients (C Israel)

Stellate ganglium blockade (M Sramko)

Stereotactic radiotherapy after failed catheter ablation (J Kautzner)



10:45–11:15 Coffee break


Chairs: T de Potter, F Bogun
Novel approaches to VT ablation

Pulsed field ablation – animal/clinical data (E Anter)

Ultra-low cryoablation (T de Potter)

Alcohol ablation (M Valderrabano)

Bipolar ablation (P Futyma)



12:30–13:30 Lunch


Chairs: J Kautzner, K Zeppenfeld, P Della Bella
Case reports – young EP arena

LVOT vs. RVOT VT in non-ischemic cardiomyopathy (Jiří Plášek)

Complications of VT Catheter Ablation (Luca Bearzot)

Scar-related VT ablation using pulsed-field energy (Predrag Stojadinovic)

Endo – epicardial VT ablation and AVD diagnosis with EAVM (Augusto Meretta)


Chairs: J Kautzner, F Bogun
VT ablation in specific situations

Previous correction for congenital heart disease (K Zeppenfled)

Brugada syndrome (P Jais)

Papillary muscle VT/PVC (P Peichl)

Sarcoidosis (F Bogun)



15:45 Adjourn (J Kautzner, P Della Bella)